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PrototypeIt Live

Old reliable. New reliable.

The existing Java programming suite being used at Walled Lake Schools was proving to be buggy, unintuitive, and difficult to integrate into the classroom workflow. We worked with the school district to provide an all-around better solution for their needs. Even the world's future engineers need to utilize good engineering.

It's important that students can tap into the power of advanced code editor while also not getting caught up in a dense in confusing interface. Because of this, we've made it a point to simultaneously simplify and extend the editor so it's both user-friendly and utilitarian. We've added previously unavailable features like reusable program input and multi-cursor code writing.

A foundation built in the clouds.

The new software implements cloud technology, allowing for students edit a project simultaneously and maintain a synchronized copy of their code across devices. Students can collaborate on group projects in real-time. Testing and running a program is quick and easy, as it should be. None of the features the previous IDE had were left behind, and we managed to do this all while maintaining its no-install web app status.

Vectorquake Studios has been outstanding in developing PrototypeIt Live. It introduces many features such as real time collaboration and editing, which allows students to prototype their Java programs much more easily.
Antonia Nitza HarpeWalled Lake Schools

Enhanced coding in the classroom.

PrototypeIt is compatible with HTML5 and Java programming languages, which are taught in the AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A classes. Most notably, it provides a suite of tools for teachers to grade and give feedback on student projects. In just a few clicks, students can submit their project to their teacher's assignment. The code will then become read-only until the teacher has returned it with a grade and feedback. Having all of the student submissions in one centralized location can greatly speed up the grading process. The code is ready to be run and evaluated, avoiding any time consuming import processes.

Schools districts and other organizations are able to license PrototypeIt Live from us. Please contact us to learn more about pricing.

Q1 2018.