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Forensics Tabulation

A state-wide utility, rejuvenated.

The software being used at speech tournaments across Michigan was slowing down tournament directors. More pressingly, it didn't offer the flexibilty needed to meet current demands. Michigan Speech Coaches, Inc. partnered with us to create a replacement for the obsolete 10 year old software.

The new website provides easy to use tools and infinite scalability that were previously not available. It's currently being rolled out to the Michigan forensics community, which has responded positively. Tournaments far and wide are now benefiting from the site's convenience and fair assignment algorithms.

The new will be a great addition to the forensics community in Michigan. It will offer the versatility necessary to run the types of tournaments needed in the current climate. Vectorquake has been great to work with; they listen, are attentive, and truly attempt to provide the perfect product.
Charlie RinehartMichigan Speech Coaches, Inc.

Powerfully adaptive data management.

Since data is at the core of this project, it was clear how important effective data management tools would be. There are several different reports at the disposal of administrators, which all can be customized to better visualize the data they're viewing or editing. For the advanced users, powerful search and sort tools are available. The new users can leave it up to the program to determine the best visualization. Every report is printer-friendly and compatible with mobile devices.

The tournament director has the ability to publish tournament results to competitors with a single click. This saves precious time writing, running, and posting mid-tournament advances. Keeping the tournament on time is now easier than ever, reducing stress for everybody.

In step with its mission.

All of the tools developed were done so with the heart of forensics in mind. Every step taken was made to deliberately improve the workflow of tournament directors, tabulation staff, judges, and competitors. The foundation of the software is inherently flexible, allowing the system to adapt as the community and administrators do. The software includes some groundbreaking algorthims that can automatically flag mistakes and inequalities. Even an experienced tournament administrator may miss such imbalances. Now, the software can take the competitive fairness to a previously unattainable level. It's just "magic", as some in the community have exclaimed.

Q2 2015.