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In 2013, we founded Vectorquake Studios to make the power of the digital age accessible to more communities. We design, develop, and deploy custom solutions to empower your organization. Simplicity is our design philosophy. We believe that media should embrace the minimalist's balance between functionality and beauty. We pride ourselves in abstracting the engineering process, so that you can leave the design know-how to us and just focus on your vision.

As a LGBTQ+ owned business, we welcome progressive organizations with open arms. Our goal is to embrace your organization's core ideals, taking them to the next level through engineering and creative design.

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Legendary web design.

Your business' message can reach a much larger audience by having a presence on the web. We collaborate with you to represent the heart of your business in its most pure form. Our designs are always modern yet effective. If you already have a site up and running, we can work with WordPress and vanilla HTML-based sites to improve and/or maintain them for you.

Application engineering tuned to your needs.

A simple, static design isn't always enough to solve a problem. We can take a basic design to the next level by attaching it to custom-engineered algorithms that run behind the scenes. Then, your app will have more smart, computational abilities. Data can be synced to the cloud, even in real time, and managed by the end-user in an intuitive fashion. We work with a variety of different frameworks and platforms to make this happen.

Effortless deployment to the real world.

Without a server attached to it, a website design is nothing but a block of code. Web deployments, including domain names and encryption certificates, are our specialty. We can provision the hardware and configure the software needed for your workflow. We work with high-performance cloud servers, databases, and redundant storage. Certain deployments may require increased security protocols, which can be provided upon request.

Minimalist lookbooks built to impress.

Your digital identity is the first thing that your audience will see before engaging with you. It's important that the character of your organization is conveyed elegantly. We can build branding sets that will take your group's public eye appeal to the next level. Our digital design skills can come in handy for almost any project or message your organization wants to convey.



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We're based in the metro-Detroit area, but our love for digital collaboration allows us to connect with clients globally. Shoot us an email to discuss what we can do for your needs.

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